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Therapeutic Coaching

Therapeutic coaching offers support and guidance in your time of need and focuses on an embodied experience of connection.

Highly sensitive people have been shown to thrive in positive environments but are also prone to experiencing difficulties in life.

If you think you may be a highly sensitive person you can take this short self test here

Highly sensitive people can experience traumatic events in a different way to non-sensitives, and trauma can hang around for too long.

Sometimes the root cause of illnesses or addictions is a nervous system that has been reorganised in an unbalanced way as a result of its inability to integrate a traumatic experience.

Trauma survivors and sensitives are not able to properly rid themselves of this stored energy; which then over time starts to dysregulate the nervous system.

When our nervous system is dysregulated, we can become less able to cope with the normal ups and downs of life.

Because the energy that was unable to be discharged after the trauma remained in our limbic system, we are unable to access it cognitively, which renders normal talking therapy somewhat moot until we can help the body discharge this energy in some other way.

This is where embodied therapeutic coaching can help as the attention is the whole body-mind.

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