Wake the Tiger

Waking the Tiger is a famous book published in 1997 that points to our unhealed traumatic past and what we

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Therapeutic Coaching and the Value of Labels

Today I would like to talk about the process of therapeutic coaching and why sometimes labels are important in our

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Healing Trauma

Super Empathy, Codependency and the Narcissist If you’re reading this then you will probably have realised that you have some

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Therapeutic Coaching

Therapeutic coaching offers support and guidance in your time of need.

Therapeutic coaching can help with the following:

  • Learn how to ACCEPT and process your pain and suffering. The more we push away and reject those parts of ourself the more out of alignment we become.
  • Learn about your attachment style and how this has informed all your relationships.
  • Learn how to establish proper boundaries and the reason you may have struggle to do this in the past.
  • Educate yourself about relationship dynamics and how to know yourself better.
  • Promotes more self love and self regard and reduces unhealthy helping and people pleasing in key relationships.

Fast track Soul Missions can be characterised by the following:

  • Having recently been through some tough times or traumatic events.
  • Losing key people and relationships in the last few years.
  • Intense purging of past trauma that has been held in the body for a long time.
  • Mental, emotional and physical challenges that are unusual for you.
  • New clarity about your Soul Mission and why you have to do this painful inner work.

Find out more about therapeutic coaching and how it can help you: here

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