Therapeutic coaching offers support and guidance in your time of need and focuses on an embodied experience of connection.

Often the root cause of illnesses or addictions is a nervous system that has been reorganised in an unbalanced way as a result of its inability to integrate a traumatic experience.

When we experience trauma, or something our brains perceive as life threatening, we are given three choices: fight, flight or freeze. In order to prepare ourselves for any of these options our bodies flood with energy such as adrenaline. Once the threat has passed, we need time to discharge this energy. More often than not, trauma survivors are not able to properly rid themselves of this stored energy which then over time starts to dysregulate the nervous system.

When our nervous system is dysregulated, we can become less able to cope with the normal ups and downs of life – often over reacting or under reacting in emotional situations. The energy can remain activated, long after the traumatic event has passed, by what we know as hypervigilance and/or an high susceptibility to triggers – noises, smells, a similar person or situation etc. Because the energy that was unable to be discharged after the trauma remained in our limbic system, we are unable to access it cognitively, which renders normal talking therapy somewhat moot until we can help the body discharge this energy in some other way.

Therapeutic coaching can help with the following:

  • Learn how to ACCEPT and process your emotions. The more we push away and reject those parts of ourselves that need expression- the more out of alignment we become.
  • Learn about your attachment style from early life and how this has informed all your relationships.
  • Learn how to establish proper boundaries and what that means and the reason you may have struggle to do this in the past.
  • Educate yourself about relationship dynamics and how to know yourself better.
  • Promotes more self love and self regard and reduces unhealthy helping and people pleasing in key relationships.

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