Today I would like to write about spiritual awakening and how to get onto our Soul’s true path. And how to deal with a “spiritual awakening”, why our journey becomes extremely challenging at crucial points and what to do about it!

If you’re reading this you’re perhaps looking for some help and guidance with a particularly challenging time. If you have found safety in being able to control your environment to a certain extent then it’s going to be really bumpy for a while. This is until the mind or ego learns to relax a bit with new information or growth that the Soul and higher self are forcing on you!

There is a link here to early childhood trauma as we become particularly recalcitrant in our need to control (in order to feel safe!) if we identify with having felt overwhelm or ‘trauma’.

So what to do in your challenged state?

The most important thing to remember is that others have been through this and recovered and flourished. It is simply a battle between our mind or ego, and that part of us that wants to grow. You have to remember that the body knows what it’s doing and if you’re experiencing unusual symptoms and your mind is freaking out then IT’S OK.

There are certain tricks we can do calm down a panicking mind and speaking with others on a similar journey to you can be very calming. This is exactly why I offer a supportive coaching programme as I know what it’s like to fight with the ego mind, and it can be an absolute war zone!

Some of the symptoms of a challenged ego are: depression, anxiety, suicidal thinking, desperation, breathing difficulties, heart and chest pains, to name but a few! Your mind will create anything it can to scare you into believing it is unsafe to spiritually awaken.

There are a number of reasons for this fear mongering of the mind. One reason is that the mind thinks you’re under threat in some way and that you’re going to be harmed. Link to the earlier statements about trauma. This can go as far back as past life traumas and it’s highly likely we were killed in past lives for stepping out and being different from the rest of society.

So it’s easy to how the mind is going to completely freak out when your higher self is asking for more space and some growth!

One of the best pieces of advice I ever received was from my dear friend and spiritual teacher Richard Abbot who said to me “your mind has absolutely nothing useful to say, it’s trying to mess with you, ignore it”.

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