Today we are looking at what it means when people talk about Life Paths and Soul Journeys and Divine Blueprints and how life path coaching can help you.

It is so important to realise that only YOU know what the divine plan is for this life’s journey. It may not be anything to do with your career, but everything to do with the way in which you are living your life.

As some of you may realise, patriarchal institutions are crumbling all around us. This gives us a really good opportunity to reclaim our power wherever we have given it away.

To become the leader of your own life is the name of the game and sometimes it takes some reflection and introspection to work out where it is that you are stuck. This is where life path coaching comes in.

Getting some kind of spiritual practice up and running might be as simple as taking time for yourself every day. Tuning in to what your body is saying and exercising the muscles of intuition and creative flow.

There is no coach or psychic or mentor on the planet that can tell you what it is you need to be doing. However getting support from a coach can be very useful for you to start understanding where things need to change.

Fundamentally coaching is about being asked the right questions really get you thinking. This process can be challenging, yes, but taking responsibility for our lives and our actions can only be good!

Caroline Hallowes Therapeutic Coaching
Caroline Hallowes Therapeutic Life Coach specialising in Soul work, narcissistic abuse recovery and deep change.