Super Empathy, Codependency and the Narcissist

If you’re reading this then you will probably have realised that you have some core wounds and trauma that need addressing. And fast. You may have “accidentally” come across information about narcissist abuse, NPD (narcissist personality disorder), cluster B type personalities and the like. What you may also be realising is that these people don’t come into your life by accident. It is not some unlucky, unfortunate situation (even though it is on one level) there is something deeper going on here and let me tell you, it needs addressing FAST.

If you’re lucky enough to be out of or away from your last destructive relationship then well done and congratulations for getting away. You may have been discarded by your narcissist and actually thank God for that. Literally. You may not know this yet but you were being protected and the rejection and discard were for your highest good. Honestly.

IF you’re reading this and you believe and sense that something is very wrong with your relationship then the best advice I can give is to educate yourself, in private, about codependency, narcissistic abuse, empath-narcissist dynamic. There are hundreds of very good YouTube videos out there, just take your pick. Spartan Life Coach is highly recommended if you are British and there are many others to choose from. Lisa A. Romano is another favourite.

Childhood trauma

As I have said before the roots of this dysfunctional dynamic are rooted in our own pasts. This is really challenging to get our heads rounds but if we accept this, we can then have control over our future selves and relationships.

UNHEALED CHILDHOOD TRAUMA is at the root of all codependency issues, addictions and dysfunctional relationships. This will have happened very early in our lives, precognitively and actually leads to CPTSD (complex post traumatic stress disorder). The narcissist was also created in the same way, but for some reason their pathology and way of operating is quite different. A split with reality happens in a similar way to that of a CPTSD sufferer, but the narcissist goes off on an entirely different and darker tangent.

So, what to do about all this. It is a long and slow process to recover ourselves and start to understand our true selves. People-pleasing, over giving and unhealthy helping are common traits of codependency and super empathy. We need to stop this NOW.

The length of time for healing all this is going to depend on where you are in your “awakening”, but help is out there. If you feel ready to discuss things then please contact me and we can look at where you are at and what can be done.

Caroline Hallowes
Caroline Hallowes Therapeutic Life Coach specialising in Soul work, narcissistic abuse recovery and deep change.