Today I would like to talk about the process of therapeutic coaching and why sometimes labels are important in our healing.

I often use the labels of “empath” “codependent” “narcissism” “CPTSD” “NPD” in my work and particularly in what I write. In my own healing journey a key step was to properly understand what a “highly sensitive empath” was and WHY I was suffering.

To not fully recognise or understand who we are is part of reason why we keep attracting deeply unhealthy relationships. For example the need for external validation and approval is a hallmark sign of codependency. As is people-pleasing and bending over backwards for others, whilst harming ourselves in the process.

To draw the distinction between the narcissist and the empath is useful in a therapeutic setting because it helps to separate ourselves from the harm that’s being done. To be able to SEE the narcissist behaviour for what it really is, is crucial to our healing.

So a large part of the therapeutic coaching process is helping the client see themselves as who they really are, the real person that’s not an extension of another. For someone entrenched in putting others before themselves, that can actually be a challenging process.

My aim within sessions is to create space for that reflection to happen along with gently mirroring back the uniqueness and original innocence and beauty we were born with.

As a highly sensitive somatic empath my journey has not been easy either and it’s about modelling self care that’s so urgently needed in these chaotic times.

Please contact me to schedule an initial chat to discuss how coaching can help you recover your shining original self 🙂

Caroline Hallowes Therapeutic Coaching
Caroline Hallowes Therapeutic Life Coach specialising in Soul work, narcissistic abuse recovery and deep change.