Waking the Tiger is a famous book published in 1997 that points to our unhealed traumatic past and what we can do about it.

Within each and every survivor lays a well spring of dormant and powerful energy that needs to be felt and transformed for true healing to occur.

This is a frightening prospect to those who are familiar with overwhelm and poor boundaries.

Within my work as a therapeutic coach and biodynamic craniosacral therapist, it is the setting up of a safe space for clients that is the most effective and transformative.

Clients who are recovering from narcissist abuse, codependency issues and childhood trauma need to make it their business to understand safety in relationships. This is impossible to do with people who don’t understand PTSD and CPTSD.

To be in control of one’s own environment is the linchpin of recovery. If initially this gives you “control issues” then so be it! It’s a very important step to completely reclaim your energy field and ALL your resources.

“Waking the tiger”

Caroline Hallowes Therapeutic Life Coach specialising in Soul work, narcissistic abuse recovery and deep change.